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Welcome to Redline China.


Redline China is a business intelligence service focused on the rapidly growing interactive entertainment, digital content and technology markets in China, Asia and the United States. Through its newsletters, research products and updated Web site, Redline China provides objective analysis, exclusive features and breaking news. The analysis is published and compiled in San Francisco and across China. Redline China is operated by San Francisco-based Pearl Research (http://www.pearlresearch.com).


Our analysis is generated through primary and secondary research methods including interviews with a network of leading industry sources, on-the-ground research, secondary research and a knowledge base of these markets. In addition, Pearl Research, parent company of Redline China, provides consulting services for companies interested in this dynamic region. For more information, please feel free to contact us at 415-738-7660.


Executive Editors,

Allison Luong and Phil Ho