DeNA Updates Business In China

Recently, DeNA China announced its first self-developed mobile social game “Ninja Fighters” in the Chinajoy. Fei Lou, the vice president of DeNA China, claimed to the press, “DeNA China will pay more attention to developing products by ourselves. However, to achieve a profit as a third party with other companies is still the final goal of Mobage. Fei Lou said, “DeNA China develops its own games in order to know games deeply. If we know games deeply, we can still survive even if no company offers us games in the future.” DeNA China wants to increase the income of agent products to 70% of the whole income of Mobage in the future. Nowadays, Mobage platform has 5 million registered users and near 70 kinds of games. The best game has about 1 million RMB income ($160,000) per month. Tokyo-based DeNA is one of the largest and most profitable social mobile networks in the world.