Case Study of Kabam, Kixeye and Fight My Monster Report Released

Pearl Research is pleased to announce the  report, “Case Study of Kabam, Kixeye and Fight My Monster”. Please contact us for an excerpt. Three online game companies, Kixeye, Kabam, and Fight My Monster have achieved accelerated growth in the past year with prominent social and casual games. Kabam and Kixeye are on track to tens of million in revenues. This report analyzes the individual companies and their corresponding flagship games in detail, with analysis of the reasons why these titles monetize well. Please contact Pearl Research at 415-738-7660 or email research (at) for an excerpt. Some of the topics covered include: Strategic Summary,  Graphics User Interface,    Trading System,    Resources,    Alliances,    Tournaments,    Stickiness, and Replay Value,    Battle System,    Learning curve, and    Chat system.